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Bill Owens

Owens Apiaries, (the company) didn't officially start until 2005. That was the first year we actually bought insurance and a business license. However, it was in 2000 that I bought my first package of honey bees and conducted my first bee removal. Since then my little hobby has turned into a small business that is known for its service and dependability.

I first learned about beekeeping when I was a young boy from my father. Growing up we always had a few hives on the farm. The bees we kept when I was young were more for the family and I don't believe my father ever sold a jar of honey.

I have held several official positions in local, state, and regional beekeeping associations. Starting in 2002 I enrolled in the Georgia Master Beekeeper program through the University of Georgia. In 2006 I became the first person in Georgia to complete the highest level of the program, Master Craftsman Beekeeper.

By 2008 we added Georgia Bee Removal as a subsidiary to Owens Apiaries. There is no doubt that Apiaries, is a difficult name for most people to pronounce much less spell, (Apiaries is plural for Apiary, which means bee farm). It was difficult for us to tell people about our web site, (without spelling it all out) so to prevent confusion we made the addition.

In 2009 we bought Bee's Bee Removal out of Metro Atlanta from Cindy Bee.

Currently I operate anywhere from 60-100 colonies of honey bees. With help from my wife, we harvest and sell our honey from our home.

Please tour our site and enjoy the pictures and videos. If you have any questions don't hesitate to give me a call or email.

Bill Owens
Master Craftsman Beekeeper



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